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Black Magic "snapper Snatchers"


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QUOTE 620sf.

I personally love having ago at doing stuff myself and would love to try to make a few of these to try. Where do I get the Mylar thread stuff though?


Hi 620sf

From what you're saying they consist of for the price you pay, it seems it would be far better to make up those snapper rigs yourself, the same as we make up our own rigs instead of buying tailor made ones

Copy them sure if they're known to work, but it's probably a better idea to tarter them up a bit more using a good glue, and turn the ends into bucktails by glueing some thread around the tops of bristles off a cheap shavings or a paint brush and adding in between the bristles some gold and silver and multi coloured flashing for extra effects and you could use Christmas tree tinsel and have your own hybrid paternostas, how would that be? - that would waver around extra well in the water. - You could even improve on that by adding trebble hooks to a teaser with a bucktail hanging off of it concealing the hooks .

But remember to add a small squid's head with a bit of the shoulder and see which one hooks up first :biggrin2: I'll bet it's the bucktail, and it could even be a double hook up on the bucktail! Long yankee Bucktails were lethal on the top hook of my beach paternostas when I was using my old 15' Butterworth beach rod, so the recipe above would give you some pretty easy home made bucktails to get you into some magic snapper jigging.

Just some food for thought.


Jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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As any of you who frequently watches the show Adventure Bound on telly will know, the recommendation of using a Black Magic "Snapper Snatcher" is rarely missed.

I popped into my local shop just to see what all the fuss was about. I found the item in question and the first thing I noticed was the price. $10 for a slightly oversized sabiki jig!

The makeup of the rig is basically a Paternoster two hook rig with re-curve (circle) hooks and some mylar flashy stuff tied onto the hook like a SW fly. There are also a couple of small lumo beads.

Whilst I am not doubting the effectiveness of such a rig, is it possible to justify to me the cost?

I personally love having a go at doing stuff myself and would love to try to make a few of these to try. Where do I get the Mylar thread stuff though?

My question is, has anyone in Sydney actually had any success with these rigs, in particular deep drop fishing.? At $10 a pop per rig, that works out at about a quarter of a carton of grog.....unless of course you drink "Crown Lager" :074: as some members on this forum do.



I've never used them, but watching the show they appear to do the job from boat and beach. I have to laugh though when the guy is showing us all how easy they are to use and after lots of fumbling and a few near tangles he finally gets the rig off the holder and onto his rod. Reminds me of watching "Mechanical Tips with Fletch". A bit of clever video editing would have done the trick in fooling everybody but at least it's honest.

These rigs do look the goods though and if they are made from quality tackle and line, which they would be, $10.00 is not a lot of money to pay. Have a look at some 2 hook skirted lure rigs and you'll see that the price gets up there. My main criticism of what I've seen on Tele is that these rigs appear to be very long and my experience is that long rigs are difficult to handle on shorter boat rods. I now tie my pat rigs about 900mm to a metre total for a two dropper rig. Personally I'd never buy pre-made rigs as I love tying my own and playing with the tackle is part of the pleasure for me but I know that many people just don't have the ability to tie good gear so they have their place in the industry.

I love the episode where he gets dragged around by the huge kingy near the big power station somewhere in SA I think. Magic stuff.

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My question is, has anyone in Sydney actually had any success with these rigs, in particular deep drop fishing.? At $10 a pop per rig, that works out at about a quarter of a carton of grog.....unless of course you drink "Crown Lager" 074.gif as some members on this forum do.

a quarter if its on special perhaps lol

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there are a range of saltwater fly material shops on the net...otherwise as said improvise...

i've been experimenting with jigheads tied (crudely --i'm no fly fisho) with some of that saltwater fly stuff i got off a mate... mainly because tailor piss me off and a self tied jig comes thru the water with less resistance(read faster) and is cheaper than plastic lures that get destroyed...the results are interesting

i like yourself prefer to make what i can myself, so i would tie them yourself and see what the go is

i tie all my rigs when its too windy to fish lol


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Im split on this one, while the parts to make the rig are cheap, I also put a value on my own time (time better spent with the kids or fishing) so I probably wouldnt bother trying to make it. If it were terminal tackle for pushers and or heavy trolling or jigging gear I would do it myself as the parts are not cheap to buy initially and I trust me more than them :D . Come chrissy holidays though I love just stuffing around with fishing gear at night before a fish.


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I couldn't help myself so off to the shop or two actually and for under $50.00 I bought enough gear to make 12 two hook Snapper Snatcher copies in size 5/0 so thats about $4.00 a rig. There is actually enough 40lb Black Magic leader to build 50 at 2 metres per rig in a 100m coil for $16.95 and the packet of DNA Holofusion fly tying material has enough for at least 40 hooks or 20 rigs for $6.95 so you could buy a couple of colors if you wanted. I used Navy Blue.

The shops I went to didn't have the actual item in question but they did have the 2 different Mustad versions, the BIG RED (on Big Red hooks) and the LONG RED (on Red Tarpon hooks). They also carried the Surecatch version as well. These are slightly cheaper than the Black Magic at about $8.50 per rig and obviously use the different hooks. By the way the Mustad rigs are 3 hook Paternoster rigs.

The Black Magic KL hooks cost me $9.95 for a pack of 12 5/0. The same cost for 7 at 6/0 or 7/0 and 5 at 8/0. These are a circle hook so a bit different to the Mustad Big Red and Tarpon style.

The cost of a Swivel, Lumo Beads and binding is negligable for me as I already had them. The first rig is complete in under an hour with a bit of drying time and it's in the tackle cupboard under tension to straighten the knots out. I rushed the first one a bit just to build the test piece and I'm sure the next ones will be better now that I've worked out the spacings and knot positions. I forgot to put the lumo beads above the hooks so I'll have to remember that in future. I was interupted by having to pick the tin lids up from school.

I'll now do them production line style by doing multiple units in stages rather than one unit at a time but I may be going out tomorrow so I wanted one to test. So there you go. DIY is cheaper as you would expect but the money you pay for pre-made is fair for the time it takes. Now I just have to find some obliging Snapper to volunteer as testers and possibly tomorrows dinner.

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Didn't go out to test run today but perfect afternoon to tie a few up.

Here's a pic of the first batch. Decided to make some up using standard Suicide hooks in 6/0 and some Red Suicides in 4/0. The hooks in the middle row are the Black Magic KL5/0 in Red Gold.

Next step is to tie them onto Leader / droppers.

Here's another pic.



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pics of rig without swivels at this point.

small suicides (3/0) on 30lb Wasabi at top (3 made so far)

KL5/0 on 40lb Black Magic Leader below. ( 4 made so far)

Finished rigs so far = 7. Tied hooks so far = 30 so I've got my $50.00 worth already.



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Ive always tried to do my best with "bait presentation" but when adding on luminous beads and frilly bits, shouldnt this put off whatever fish is eyeing the bait?

Definately not.

These are very similar to Saltwater flies which catch fish without bait. I've always used red beads or a short length or red spagetti on the trace with worm baits for whiting and caught flatties and bream on the same rig. The guys on the TV show catch plenty using the original marketed rig. Many fish fall to artificial baits and some would argue that they actually have more success using them. I've always been a bait fisherman but I'll give these things a go.

I caught my first fish (head) on a soft plastic last trip out in front of The Entrance. A small nannygai picked up my SP and due to me not noticing, he was savagely disembodied by another enthusiastic creature. I noticed the second one but it didn't hook up. This proved one thing though. Little Nannys are a good live bait if you get one.

I bought some different color tinsells today so I can mix it up a little and make some more.

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