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Brisbane Waters

Ray R

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Hi Raiders, haven't done a report for a while so can someone please tell me, where are the flatties, Hutcho and I threw about 94,000 times on Sunday at the top of Paddy's Channel, the sand flats north of the Rip Bridge, Hardy's Bay , Ettalong , and just off Lobster Beach, we tried a range of berkleys, atomics and sqidgees, and caught one only 40cm flattie.. Hope we haven't lost the touch... Cheers Ray R..

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That's just unlucky,sounds like you guys put in a solid effort though.We all have days like that too,but you

could go out next week & get half a dozen fish each.Botany bay has been a bit the same as well ,we get 10

flatties one day & go out a few days later & get one.

But that's fishin!

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Hi Ray, the Harbour, Botany Bay and the Hacking have really come good for fishing in general with several schoolies caught at Captain Cook bridge by Kevvie on soft plastics in the day time with pics!

I don't know what's happened in the Hawkesbury but fishing has been reported back as being fairly poor since the last big lot of rain and the murky water- it wasn't all that better before as far as I am concerned. It's come clear ok now but Ian the squid bloke up there says there has been a shortage of almost everything up there in the last couple of weeks though a few jew reported back as being caught "up river" were around the 15kilo mark.

In spite of the warm currents even kingfish have been scarce I've been told. Jew occasionally, flathead and bream have been caught way up river near Wiseman's and the regulars are not getting much at all downriver and your way BWATERS either at the moment .

Hope you and your mate don't have to resort to bottom bouncing with the critters at Boltons again, but if it were me I'd keep hitting F&S on the run in and the front of Lion on the run out. Deep water, the way things are, should pay off in general and sooner than later one would have to think.

Regards Ray

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Bart good thinking. The fish must have shot thru in case they reduce the maximum sizes :lol:

jewgaffer :D

I think you may be spot on there Jewgaffer.What with all the talk of rationalization etc. in the election campaign,our little friends from down below are very worried about that very fact. " DOWNSIZING"

CHEERS BART :1fishing1:

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