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Help And Advice Needed.


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Hello fishraider!

I'm currently living in waverly (eastern suburbs), now i've only been here for 3weeks and i've struggled to find any bait or tackle shops near by to get and advice. Where have you hidden them all?

I'm in to lure fishing but it's alot different out here to back in the uk. Is anyone willing to give me any pointers on A) Which places to try? B) What kind of tactics to use? I seriuosly want to catch a flat head! They are an awsome looking fish and tailor look pretty cool to. Any help would be greatly appereciated. Tight lines.

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Hi sharpy and :1welcomeani: to fishraider.

You can go to Fishfinder Bait and Tackle at Matraville - Tony will give you all the info you need.

Mention that you are a fishraider member as he is a sponsor of this site. Click on his banner up top or look in Word From Our Sponsors section on the main forum page for all the details.

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

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:thumbup::1welcomeani: Sharpy

Tony and the boys at Fishfinder can answer all

question for the local area on bait, lures whats biting,

where the fish are and what tackle they recommend

for the job :biggrin2:

Like Stewie says tell them your a Raider and they'll

discount your purchases - have a look at Tony's custom

made rods while your there they are so sweeeeeeet

Check out the Fishing Trips and Desperate & Boatless forums

theres always some one that is going for a landbased session

or has a spot available on a boat

Check out the social fishing days we have - next one is the

Kingfish social just click HERE

The best thing is there are lots of freindly people here so

don't be shy :1prop:


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