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Looking For Advice About The Entrance


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i would be heading up the north channel ( north west side of bridge and up about three hundred meters or so........ plenty of nice whiting and flatties... i'm headin down now to beat the weekend rush so if i produce i'll let you know..... the fish move about quite a bit so you might have to try a couple of spots....

cast you lure or bait as close to the western side of this channel near the massive flats... otherwise if you are landbased the flats on the south eastern side of the bridge are always worth a flick for flatties, and with some stealth and light line you might get some whiting...

gl... might see you there


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Hi FishDrought

Friends of mine have an 8 man punt a bit like one of those old "long boats". They regularly travel up to the Entrance from Sydney to fish exclusively at the same spot for bream. They anchor up not far from the white marker near the bridge......They have been fishing that one spot for years. They use no other bait except chicken and parmesan cheese marinated overnight in tuna oil. They also use only the same ingredience finely chopped up and have a very large burley supply kept in a couple of drums.....When I mentioned to my mate's uncle that it seemed that they had too much burley he was adamant that rather than overfeeding bream, the burley had always brought in more fish constantly throughout the night and larger ones always came in afterwards regardless of tide.

These are specialist bread and butter bream fishermen all related and big on catching supplies of table fish.

A couple of years ago they followed one of their sons who was in my boat to do a jew session up at Hawkesbury. We anchored at Gunyah Point close just on dark......They only lasted one hour on squid bait and got bored catching nothing. Out of habit they all put their chicken baits on......Well in no time they had about 30 bream all around the same size but undersized, whereas we ourselves couldn't attract a bream bite if our life depended on it, using the freshest hawkesbury squid............I told them we were moving to the railbridge because the number of undersize bream were so active even though only the chicken baits, and was a clear sign that there would be no jewfish at Gunyah for quite a while with all those bream hitting the chicken. .....We anchored at the rail bridge and rather than fish on for jew as was the mission, they kept on going to Mooney boat ramp having told us they were going to drive up to the Entrance instead. .......We left at 3am with no take home jew having caught a small shark and a couple oundersize but at least my mate could tell them we did get a couple of jewfish but zero of any variety to take home.

On the way back after we met them at the servo in Pennant Hills Road.

Well I have never seen so many large bream tails on end at once in about four large buckets. :1yikes: there are selective bream fishermen and there were no bream at all under 300 long, others were closer to 350 long and one was trophy size.

FishDrought I hope this helps and it seems the Entrance is bigger and better now that it's opened right up and the conditions have been good in Sydney with good results, so the Entrance should be firing well for you on the weekend.

Hope to see the report


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Hi Jas

Also check with Howbzr - he's fished there a couple of times recently (or do a search in Fishing Reports on The Entrance.)



and FF's report


It is usually a very shallow lake, so take care when moving from one spot to another! Lots of sand banks etc.

We're all looking forward to the next social there in 2008!



For land based, there is also that little jetty under the bridge - walk from the northern end (Dunleith end) & go down the steps to the jetty. I reckon there would be some bream & flatties hanging in there as well as blackies!

Also seen good fish brought in from the little wharf area to the right of the bridge there

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