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Cheap Reel


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Hey Guys

I was on ebay the other day and saw this reel for 99 cents ,so I put a bid on it and won it....Pretty cheap,I know it's not your top dollar reel but for 99 cents + postage it's not bad..Now all I have to do is hook up some decent Kingy's to test it out.....What do you guys think...?



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Cheap game reel for 99 cents plus postage mugsy is it a heavyweight lightweight or a lightweight heavyweight ?

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

your right its a lightweight heavyweight....if it wont hold up to a half decent Kingy the reel will be taking a swim :biggrin2:

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Very popular in the states apparently..

Some specs...

* All stainless bearings for extra durability


* 4 Stainless Steel ball bearing design

* Gear Ratio 4.2:1

* Teflon drag washer system

* Forged aluminum alloy spool

* Moulded graphite frame (lightweight and strong)

* Anti-reverse

* Star drag lever

* Level wind with aluminum line guide

* Line out alarm

* Machined aluminium handle

* Specialised for salt water and surf fishing

* Right hand retrieval action (not reversible)

* Spool colour: Blue

Line Capacities:

* 450 yards of 15lb line (410m of 6.8kg or .40mm)

* 360 yards of 20lb line (330m of 9.1kg or .45mm)

* 320 yards of 25lb line (290m of 11.3kg or .50mm)


* 505 grams


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