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Had 1/2 day of work and hadn't fished for 2 weeks out of the boat. There was 1 thing on my mind. Stopped at the fishmarkets for slimies and hawkesbury squid and arrived at bayview boat ramp with huge thunderclouds about. Looks ok to the north says I and I bashed into the NE, out to Juno. Stacks of pickers and no jewies. Managed 2 hours there with a few drops but no storms. Then round 2 appeared on the horizon. This one looked like a biggie so I thought it wise to find a bay and a mooring. Settled on the basin. Found the mooring and went to the burley bucket and bugger me. Was that what I thought it was? I big yellow tail. Out with the live yakkas and the squid strip, then out with the lures. There were rats all about sniffing the yakkas, following and nosing the lures and taking nothing. I tried all manners. Sluggos, rapalas, jerk baits, slices. Nothing. Then the rain arrived and I hunkered down, forgetting about the kingies as it was getting darker. An unweighted pillie, out for a squid got hit and up came a shovelnose, followed by the rats again. Finally an unweighted pillie was hit by a king but the bugger spat the hook. Managed two squid and thought with a tank full of livies and the rain almost gone, it would be a shame to not have another crack. Tried Lion Is. for one bust off by a shark.

Good session and I have 2 questions.

1. How do I turn the Kings on?

2. Pickers while Jew fishing; good or bad?


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Hey humsy!!!!

That is the question isnt it!!!! I have found that squid ink is the best weapon, especially if its coming from a live squid.... Sometimes making lots of noise or flicking round a popper or some other surface lure! The other thing to try with your plastics is to let them sink all the way to the bottom then rip them up through the school as fast as you can.

Apart from that improvise, we had a school of kings round us in pittwater recently and we tried everything to get them started including all of the above, we eventuly hooked one up by putting and octupus skirt( just thoese cheap white or pink ones) above a squid strip to hide the hook then ripped it up from the bottom as quick as we could. When we had that one at the side of the boat with all his mates hanging round we tried all of the above again and where amazed that they would turn down a live squid presented straight on their noses with the hooks well hidden and light leader being used!!!! Sometimes they are just not that interestead!!!!

Hope that helps for next time!!! Well done getting out regardless of the weather!!!!!! We had a crack at juno on the rising tide a week before the last full moon with fresh squid and a butterflied taylor and didnt even get pickers so you are one up on us!!!!!!

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I agree with the squid ink as a king attractor as mentioned by Fishlexic. I often empty the water of the squid tank overboard when fishing for kings as the squid have filled this with ink on capture.

Also, fish the baits a couple or so metres off the bottom. I find the live baits have a little room to swim and fish better that way.


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Hi Andrew,

Turning kings on! thats what we all want to know. A bit of noise is good i agree and also keeping a hooked fish like a snapper etc under your boat keeps them interested.

I like it when pickers are around as you know at our MH spots.

When the pickers stop - get ready for a hit.

Hopefully it will work for me as i am gonna pull an all dayer Wednesday.

I am gonna try the usual spots early when the tides turns then after that gonna head out sounding looking for kings in the harbour.

Mate ya got more patience than me to fish the mighty Hawksbury.

See ya soon! :1prop:

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