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Update On Johns Etec Issue


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Hey Guys, well i thought i would update everyone on what has been happening with Johns Engine

A few weeks ago i had a chat with Huey and he organised to have the boat picked up by BRP to run all the tests needed and fix the issue.....Huey was extremely Helpful and i thank him for organising all the tests as BRP picked the boat up from Johns house and took the boat for a week to run all the tests.

Upon picking the boat up they whacked the computer on at Johns place and said..."its has been using heaps of fuel". They informed us that they would do a service and check everything on the motor and then run water tests to establish was is the problem and have it back to us...

We thought , Great.....and i was ready to take back every negative thing i had ever said about Etecs as this service was good....

Anyways due to the Rainy weather it has been hard for them to water test the boat but this morning they informed me that the boat will be back today.....

I asked them how they went??

They said it was previously going through 29.8 litres per hour at 3000 rpm which is about the trolling rpms, which means a 8-9 hours day trolling sees us go through 253 litres of fuel and at todays fuel prices means a day of marlin chasing will cost us a minimum of $340 of fuel....Also take into account that on some days we will troll above 3000 rpms thus using more fuel.......This is very unacceptable as a 4 stroke will use way less.....

They tested every possilble prop combination on the motor and the best they came up with was the 19 inch Viper.......now the boat uses 28.8 litres per hour at 3000 rpms........???????........1 litre better per hour and thats the best they could get it....No other faults are present with the motor....so now we save an average of $11 per trip on fuel.....I was hoping to get much better news but this an Unacceptable amount of fuel usage for a engine which is advertised and marketed as one of the most economic engines around.

Either this particular motor is a DUD ( which they fail to Acknowledge) or BRP's advertising/Marketing on How fuel efficeint there engines are is a load of crap. Now we are forced to purchase a 4 Stroke and replace this engine even though it is only 12 months old......

I cannot Fault BRPS service as they did pick the boat up and are dropping it off but the results are crap and we are still where we started...We have a motor that watses far too much fuel...but now we are worse off because now the best possible mechanics have tested the engine and told us nothing can be done.....

Hopefully when we do get a 4 stroke on Johns boat we will finally be able to go out and spend less then $200 on fuel for a days trip....

Once again I would like to Point out That Huey was a great help during this process and its unfortunate that i dont have better news.

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Thanks for the update Oz , I know many members were very keen to follow this tale to its conclusion. It would appear that John was unlucky to have picked up a thirsty engine , but I guess in every 10,000 units , there will be at least one dud. This applies to any mass produced item , but it is still a bitter pill to swallow.

Lets just hope his next engine ( whatever the brand ) performs better , and you can afford to go out after the bigguns more often !!


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