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My 1st Fish On A Lure!


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I was planning a little evening session on the Port Hacking flats today. I was determined this weekend to finally give squidgies a good go and catch something on them. I’ve been a bait man my whole life and have never caught anything on a lure before but really because I havnt put in enough time for them to pay off. I got off work a little early at 4:00 went home quick to grab my gear and I look at the traffic which was horrendous and I hear some menacing booms and light rain starting. So I got a little put off and decided to flick the squidgy round for a bit locally in Nth Sydney, at least to get a bit of practice. The waters not far from my place so I walked down. I go down there a lot and Ive seen where theres a sandbar in brighter light with my polaroid sunnies . 1st cast goes in that vicinity and whatdya know...… Bang. In comes a nice 41 cm flatty :yahoo: Not bad for all of 20 seconds fishing. It started hammering down soon after that so I got out of there.

I had my camera in an esky and I thought surely no water can get in there, but when I got home I looked in and it was in 1cm of water. It wasnt on so does anyone know if I let it dry out good before turning it on, will it be ok? Its a slight mood dampener, but I'm absolutely stoked with my catch. Time for a :beersmile:

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Nice work Tristan. Nice to chat with you over the phone the other day.

When Santa brings my grandson's Christmas presents he'll be able to try out a few of the latest recommendations. These soft plastics are improving all the time. I wouldn't go fishing without a bait supply though.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Great work mate.....The first one on plastic is always good.....pretty soon you'll start notching up particular species.

In regard to bait the only bait I tend to use is stuff I catch myself suing lures...does that count....must be why I can catch more fish than I used to.

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Well done, Yakfishing!! The first of many, I bet. Those sps are terrific on flatties. Nice photo too.

Re your camera - mine got dunked with me when I was broadsided in my hobie SPORT in May - I just took the batteries out & opened everywhere & let it dry out .... surprisingly, it appears to have recovered well!! (Much to my surprise!) It is now Keith's camera!~! :1prop:

However, I hAve since invested in a Pentax Optio w30 - the waterproof one for about $350 - now I don't have to worry about it getting wet at all!!!



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Just caught another couple down there one going 45cm. A medium retrieve - stop - flick flick - stop and over again seems to be working. The last one grabbed the lure right in front of me. I watched him swim up and gulp the thing down! Good old polaroid sunnies B)

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