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Stud Bream


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Hi fishraiders,

Went for a fish this morning at Berowra Waters. Conditions were perfect. I heard on the radio

on the way that there had been 7 inches of rain this week at Bar Point so I was pretty unsure if me and

Robert were going to do pretty good or pretty bad. Anyway the water visibility was about 6 inches. First spot fished for half an hour for 2 small bream one just under size, so I thought this was a good sign. Moved to the second spot and straight away had lots of bites ( cockeys). Moved again to one of my favourite spots

and conditions were still perfect. Very soon caught the first fish a 40cm+ bream. This was followed by another large bream. Caught a few more fish and soon the tide was about to change and we were running out of chicken guts so we started to fish with chicken fillets. The tide changed soon after a long period and eventually the tide started to scream on the runout. Robert caught a 43 cm bream and we also had a 38cm bream. A huge tiger eel was hooked (but not landed) and caught a few more bream. Eventually, we decided to call it a day at around midday but reckon had we had more chicken guts we could have caught a few more stud bream. Will put pictures up later. All up 10 legal size bream. ( We released a couple of them).


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