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H/burry River Adventure


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a mate and i persisted with the storm and predicted southerly change and headed out to the h/burry for a go at flatties and jews. We launched at around 7pm and had great conditions after the storm swept through with no wind and a cool breeze. we decided to hit dangar and throw some sp's around. we managed on flattie to about 20cm on a 5" jerk shad and dropped many many more.

we then headed to elenor bluffs for a jewie as the sun was going down and as we were cooking up a feed i thought id check the lines, i pull the first one in to find a bream to about 1.5kg (by far my biggest) and then check the other line to find a soapie attached. both fish did not put up a fisht at all and felt like a snag.

once we finished eating we met up with a mate who was launching at the ramp and headed to the f3 bridge to try for a jew. well not much action here........ too much fresh pouring through and only eel tail catties here pinching baits.

from there we headed back to elenor bluffs and put the baits out again for a couple of pj sharks and not much else. my mate then yells out got one and he pulls in a flattie to about 45cm or thereabouts.

we then started to fall asleep and were woken to a massive southerly at about 3:30am which up anchored my mates boat and had him driting at a rate of knots before he woke up, when he did he was about 500m away from me and came and woke me up. we then scooted back to the ramp and pulled the boats out and decided to have a kip in the car and see what sunrise brings.

as the sun rose it quickly was covered by huge black clouds with drizzle, we decided to cook breakie and head out for another go on the sp's. well we got a few hits and two lost fish which were of decent size, running ten snapping 10lb with ease, other than that is was quite slow and fter a marathon 20 or so hours on thw water we decided we had had enough and punch out.

sorry for the long report about nothing hope others did better than me this weekend.

only took two pics

the bream is sittng in my livie tank which is at least 40cm wide and wouldnt fit so i had to lay it lenghtways along the tank.



the little jew was caught on the antique shop squid there in brooklyn, boy was the squid good looked like the squid youd catch yourself ultra fresh and worked well with the majority of the bites.

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Quote Kingies till I die

-the little jew was caught on the antique shop squid there in brooklyn, boy was the squid good looked like the squid youd catch yourself ultra fresh and worked well with the majority of the bites-


Quote Brownie1 - In my eyes a jewie is a jewie-


Hi Mike! So true.

Hi Adrian that's the way to do it. A bit of soft plastics work, a couple of fish for starters, a few baitfish and then a sit back and relax for a jew!

At least by catching a jew you know you are fishing in a location with a chance. Finding the right spot on the day is half the battle ....... It's important to have a variety of fresh bait, good presentation, and use decent jewie gear. If you keep fishing in known jew territory and keep at it, you will get results.

......If you've fished one spot for a fair while for no result, you have to decide whether or not to move and whether or not to keep fishing on the same side of the river. Which side you chose is very important, because the wind and current have a big bearing on the preferred direction where baitfish congregate.

.......When using heavy snapper sinkers to suit the current, it's amazing how many unnoticed hook ups finish up dead on the line. Bigger fish tend to drag the bait and rig along..... A bent rod with tight line and a heavy sinker can often hook up smaller soapies and other fish pulling away at the bait without you noticing it, because of the rod's normal bend in accordance with the current pull. .....When no live squid are available, using fresh squid is a must, and it has been proven that squid local to the Hawkesbury gets the best results....... Use big squid and always use skinned strips. I also like to partially and roughly thumb the skin off a whole squid, leaving traces of the skin on. Doing it that way, you get rid of the squid's natural camoflauge, expose more noticable white meat and let out more odour, as a skinned squid emits a strong odor.

When using strips from small squid, it's a good idea to hook two strips together down the length with the second hook to secure the two pieces together.

Using large squid strips or squid heads is the best way not to get baited quickly . Bigger baits get jew into action when they sense other fish feeding.

I don't touch a bending rod during a bite until the tip bends down and stays there. It's always good to hear the sound of a tight drag.

Cheers Adrian

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Very nice bream mate,also great effort for putting in such a long session on the water.

Botany bay today was pretty tough going also,fished from 6 am to 12pm for just 2 nice bream on fresh

prawns & 4 flathead to 60cm on plastic's.Too many undersize reddies & tailor everywhere we went which

were making a mess of our bream baits.

Also a mate of mine put in a long night session for jews last night in the georges river,along with about 12

other boats nearby he said & none of them saw any jewies,although he did get 3 great flatties between 60cm

& 65cm on plastics.

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Top Bream ther mate. The river holds heaps of bream that size and plenty larger pitty about not landing a big jew or flattie. Was a disapointing sunday session here as well. lots of effort, for little results as well.

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