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Today At Gunamatta Baths


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Hey all,

I went out at about 6am today with a work mate to see if he can get his first ever fish :)

Went to kurnell flats early to see if there were any whiting but alas there were none :(

Then decided to take him to old faithful Gunamatta baths. Caught 2 sand whiting at abouit 25 cms and 21 cms, threw them back while my work mate complained that he will never catch a fish lol.

Then started hooking up those pesky small snapper max size about 24cms. then all of a sudden oliver (workmate) catches his first ever fish a huge snapper of 18cms :)

went quiet for a while and I feel a small hit at my 2kg outfit so I pull it in and it feels strange then all of a suden I feel big headshakes and it goes for a run taking about 20m line which I get back really easy, I start pulling in more line and I see a shape in the murky water which I call to look like a shovelnose. I pull it up a bit more then it goes for another small run so I tighten up a bit coz the drag is only at about .5kg

get the fish to about 1.5 m from the surface and see that its not a shark but a HUGE flatty est 1m+

It looks at my ugly mug turns its tail, one sweep and bam she's off :(

Would have liked a pic with her but she was going to go back anyway.

After that the tide changed and went quiet except for a couple small bream biggest going to 24cms (1more cm and he would have been lunch damn it :D)

All in all good day. Flatty was on prawn shelled whiting on sandworms and rest on chicken with soy and cheese.

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Landbased another good day for you on the Hacking

seems like the Flatties are coming on big :yahoo:

Sorry that you dropped the big one :05: but it shows

the PPP works again

(PPP = Penguin Peeled Prawn the well known curse of all

fish from Flatties to Kings) :074:

BTW how long did you marinate the chicken in Soy and

Cheese and did you BBQ the leftovers :1prop:


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