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Sydney Harbour 15/12/07


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Hey guys just a quick report.....

Went out yesterday for a morning Session with Steve and John...

Went to get some squid at around 4.00am and managed to get around 8-9 before the sun came up and then we saw Miller who was nice enough to give us 10 or so squid also

After sunrise we went looking for some Calamari squid and managed 4 in 30 minuites....

Then went downrigging for kings till 9.30am

It was definately hard going with a 1.5 degree drop from last weeks water temp and the tide was low as....

In 2 and a half hours of downrigging we only managed 2 kings, One at 77cm and another at 72cm....

Other then that there was no action at all....

Hopefully it will improve for next week...



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I fished last week for three very nice runs on Kingies in MH at a new spot and lost all bloody three of em!

Got one to the side of the boat who was a monster and in the last metre or so he realised finally that he was hooked and spat the hook. I actually saw him do it.

When he first hit i thought nice king then after a bit he was very heavy but not fighting like a king and i reassessed what i thought was on the end of the line.

Got him up and couldnt believe it was a big king. Then he acted like a king and i was gone.

Frustrating session but learnt a lot for the future. All hits on live yakkas and one one a SP.

Well done on your two!

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well done guys :biggrin2: Still a nice couple of fish!

I headed out on sunday and also found it slow. Spent ages trying to catch some decent sized squid as we were only finding little ones. Managed one king just under legal size in the main harbour then dragged a squid through middle harbour on the way home for a donut. Highlight of the day was probably the flathead i caught on my squid jig! :thumbup:

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