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Where To Go Camping?


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Me and :wife: are looking at going camping first week in the new year, just wondering what peoples suggestions are?? She isnt so heavily into fishing as i am, but she does like it, so i was hoping for somewhere next to a surf beach would be perfect so i can fish and she can go swimming!

I was typically wanting to go up somewhere near Pacific Palms, forster etc cause she has been around there and its a nice area she says. I was also thinking of Delicate Nobbys beach yet i dont know if th fishing there is any good??

Also, its not real camping, we'll need showers, a toilet, be relatively closeby to shops.. hah, and preferably be able to have fires!! hehe :D as long as i have :1fishing1: im happy.



p.s. dont need a boatramp either

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