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Illawarra Marlin


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Has anyone heard of seen any marlin off the illawarra?

I went out yesterday, i didnt dare go any further than 60 fathoms as the current was ripping and there was still considerable swell about plus 15knt s'ly.

The water temp was 23.7 and water looked good, with a lot of bait around.

Checked out Port Kembla fad, no dollies to be seen and no bites but this was probably because of the strong current.

Talked to a mate from Kiama charter boat who said that he dropprd a blue estimated at 300+ Last week of december and has been playing with some finacky stripes.

As soon as this weather fines up i recon there will be a few marlin caught.


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I know of certain boats who went out on Sunday off Jervis Bay.... First hand reports....

8.5.5 (4 Stripes 1 Black)

4.2.2 (2 Stripes)

I also know of 6 boats that went out off Jervis Bay yesterday and did not turn a reel! Reports of all bait on the shelf being moved on..... There were reports of Rat YFT in the 3-5KG Bracket in the 500fathom line, but not a Beakie to be heard of....

Have not heard of much from Kiama. I know there were a few fish tagged over the weekend, but the last couple of days were quiet.

I believe once the wind turns a round the fish will show again

Wow 8.5.5.

That would have a good day out, were they in big boats as it would have been big swell?

There were heaps of really small kings at the port wave rider.

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