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Friday Overnighter In The Hawksbury!


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Just a quick note to say that Flightmanager and his Son (Paris) are heading out with myself for an overnight Jewie hunt on the Hawksbury. We will head out hopefully by 5-6pm , this Friday night, and hit West head for as much live bait as possible. First spot should be Juno Point and then we shall see how it goes from there. Most probably camp at Waratah or Jerusalem Bay.Following morning , mabe a quick run to Long Reef for a shot at some Reds!

Anyone out there feel free to say gday!. We will be on Day Release- 21 ft Bertie with Twin Mercs on the tail.

I'd love to say give me a call on VHF or 27 Meg..............errrrrrrrrrrr, but installing them without reading the instructions slowed tonights wire up down a little. :ranting2: (Very Australian of me, but rather dumb!) The link up from radio to GPS obviously needs the assistance from someone cluey in this field of work, either that or assistance from my 12 year old daughter.

Sooooooooo, if your in the area, pull up and say hello, or anchor up, drop a line, and party on !!!!

Have a good weekend and we hope to see a few Raiders out there :thumbup:

Hey...................... this is my 500th post!!!!!!!!!!!!, YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thank you all for the congradulations in regards to the 500 sensible, informative, mature,educational posts that I have written. I will do my utmost best to carry on with the same hi standerd of litteratore that yous guys ar used to me writeng! :biggrin2:

Late Breaking News!!!

Thanks to the highly talented skills of my 9 year old son, we now have VHF and 27 meg up and running in Day Release.

(And we turned them on and there were no fires) :thumbup:

If your out tonight, or tomorrow, give us a call !

Cheers and Happy Fishing

Stumpy! (For Moderator)


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