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How To Read The Count 8,5,0

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Hi all

As i am very very green on Game fishing

How do you read the count

for example 8,5,0

is it Hits,hookup,Landed

Sorry for such a silly question



Not a silly question at all johnno

the 0-0-0- system is used in game fishing to register the boats account for that sked which generally are

run over two hours...

A typical scenario would be 2-2-1 that's signifying 2 strikes 2 hookup's and either the tag and release or capture of what species it was and only applies to that current sked till the end of the day collectively

it could be added up to be a 5-5-3 tag and release of 2 striped and 1 black marlin for excample....

Cheers Warnie...

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thanks for the clarification guys i was wondering what the hell the scoring was intended to reflect also.

So i wasn't the only one in the boat :074::074:

thanks Warnie and Aero

so was on the right track just wording a little wrong

thanks again


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