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Sydney Harbour 28/1


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Had a family day out today with Mrs Slinky, Jessica Slinky and my little fishing buddy, Gemma Slinky on board.

For a little girl, Gemma sure is tenacious. My Little 6yo has been single minded about catching a king for the last 3 trips. She fished with BrettP and I for 10 hours on Saturday with not one complaint or sign of boredom and was back out there today. No 'kiddy' fisher this one... she's a real raider.

Persistance has paid off... today she landed her first Kingy. A 55cm model that took a live yakka. All I had to do was get the rod out of the holder for her and keep one hand gently on the rod, and one firmly on the back of her, in case either looked like going over the side. 5 minutes of pump and wind and the smile says it all!

Then to back it up, she nailed a PB Bream at 34cm, up in Middle Harbour... in between yelling out to every boat that passed within 30m that she'd caught a king! A gaggle of kayakers got a full run-down.

Oh... and I got a 55cm flattie that snaffled the first yakka set for a king within 10 seconds of it hitting bottom.





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Your a legend taking your family out!!!

My dad landed his first HB jew this morning, and what a reaction when he was hooked up and it wasnt the bottom. These moments with family are priceless.

Congratulations on the prize catches that many people would take a long time to achieve!!


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Excellent! We had a great day out on the water today, and saw many kings caught from the surrounding boats. BUT, we didn't catch one!!! Very sad! Right location, wrong bait i think. We caught 2 shovel nose sharks and an ocky, plus a billion 25cm reds.

Learned from today - need to be better prepared bait wise, and make more of an effort to get livies.

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