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Hawkesbury 23/01/08


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G'day Raiders

Post is a bit late but here goes

Went for a fish with Humesy last week. Our objective was to get some bait and then try for a Big Jewie.

Bait was a bit difficult to find but after a while we had a few yalkka and slimey or two.

I decided to put out a live as a "speculator" while we were catchng bait. Out goes the livie uner a small piece of poly and after a few mins gets hit by something. Ah well have another go. This time it got hit by what we think was a small hammer. So loaded up again but this time no poly. After a few mins the texie takes a bow and after a good struggle up come a nice little king. Not bad for a bait session.


We moved on to the run in and nothing much happened (pretty usual for Jewfishing) then moved to a run out and again nothing (except eels )

On the way home we ran into pip an he had just caught himself his PB flattie!


Pip PM me and I can let you have the rest of the photos.



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