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Posting Regarding Charter Operators

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Please see rule #9 and #8

Regarding charter operators - I am sure the businesses speak for themselves. Those that have been around for a long time and are in business still because they are reputable.

We do not allow any bagging of businesses or persons or other websites on fishraider rule #3.

Everyone has their favourites and it is personal choice. There is never any consensus with this sort of issue, it normally becomes a big arguement.

We relaxed the rule of mentioning charter operators in the hope that members would take advantage of this constructively.

We will now need to adhere to the rules. All members please review site rules. Any queries please contact us at any time.

Members feel free to contact our sponsor Mike Clarkson...Reef Magic Charters.

There have been several site rules breached here. Those members responsible have been sent a warning regarding those breaches.

No further posts about charter operators are to be posted unless a site sponsor


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There have been a run of edited posts lately regarding non sponsor charter operators.

Please make sure that you adhere to this rule.

Regards Swordfisherman

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I have now just banned 3 members for breaking this rule and there will be no more warnings regarding this.

Anyone who breaks this Site Rule will be banned without notice!!!!!!

Swordfisherman (Site Admin)

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I have a query about the charter operators postings.

I can understand not posting about charter operators that are in direct competition with the site sponsors that are based in sydney, and that is fair enough. What I don't understand is why is it a problem to post (good or bad) about charters that are interstate or even overseas.

Not trying to cause a drama here, just don't see the problem if it doesn't effect the charters that sponsor the site?

Of late I have seen posts looking for info on charters both interstate and overseas and the mods have posted saying members may only reply by PM, why is it a problem for members to post replys when it doesn't effect our site sponsors?

Good question and I will answer this for you.

We have top quality Charter operators who sponsor this Site and look after the Fishraiders.

They pay for that priveldge of advertising their business and that helps Fishraider remain in good working order for all to enjoy.

Some dubious people would rather get their mates to post about their mates Charter operation and therefore get free advertising which doesnt help Fishraider or the great sponsors we have at the moment.

When a Site gets large like ours it takes a lot of work and server power which costs us directly.

The Site is free to use by all members and thats the way we want it to stay.

Regards Swordfisherman.

PS thankyou for your question regarding this :biggrin2:

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