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Tackle Auction?


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Hi all....

I was thinking about all the tackle I have and thought that maybe there's a way I and other Raiders could offload the excess and do some good at the same time.

Could Fishraider consider organizing a tackle auction?

- Members 'donate' any tackle they want to sell

- They set a reserve price that they will receive if the item sells

- The auction is run on-line over a set period where members post bid prices which are visible in the forum

- Anything received over the reserve price goes to charity

Many years ago I think one of the fishing clubs (Hornsby Kuringai FC) in Sydney used to do something similar although I'm not sure if it was for charity or to raise money for the club. If they still run this annual event and it's for charity, maybe Fishraider could co-host or something. It would make it a very big event with all the raiders around.

Not being a computer wiz, I don't know what would be needed to set this up but I know I could use some extra space at home and that I'd love to see some money going to charity.... Westmead Children's Hospital is my vote (my eldest daughter was a very premmie baby so I love their work) but any worthwhile charity would be good.

What does everyone reckon? Admin...Is it feasible to do what I imagine is a pretty complex set-up? I'd be happy to help organise it if it happens and there is anything I could do.

Cheers, Slinky

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The problem is getting all the monies off people and its hard to have a look at items only on the web with pictures.

I will speak with the mods and other admins and we may hold an auction night somewhere if we have the numbers.

Cheers Stewy

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I think its a good idea Slinky except that all profits should go to Fishraider.

This website isn't exactly free to maintain and in the absence of subscriber fees etc it seems entirely reasonable to me that any profits made by using this site's resources and the administrators' time should go towards the site itself.

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Hmmmmmmmmm, im into this one!

I have 48.5 second hand chainsaws to sell, a few chippers, and wait.......................thats not all. :1yikes:

...........For every purchase of a prime second hand chainsaw (Great for carving up the odd 38ft Mako)

You get a free............wait for it..............

Stumpette! (Aged between 9 and 13)

Delivered to YOUR door!!!!!!!! :thumbup::thumbup: ...................FREE!!!! :1yikes:



(All profits go to Stumpy PTY/LTD and not Fishraider BIG/FISH) :biggrin2:

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I have asked the question of our moderators and Admin team and I will report back here on what the outcome of our discussions are :biggrin2:

This could be an outstanding way to get some new gear or get rid of things that you dont need :thumbup:

Regards Swordfisherman

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