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I've read the depth sounder secrets book which was very informative. I've seen depth sounder tutorials on the web which were also quite good.

I think it would be a great topic if raiders were to post snapshots of their depth sounder screens with a run down of what was caught at the spot.

eg what a school of slimies look like, kingies, etc.

noticed a recent thread on the mystery monster echo in mh and would love to see a pic of something like that on this thread.

what do the raiders think?

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Hey Choad,

Mate thats a great idea and i will give it a go.

It was me with that huge sounder reading in MH.

When i saw it i actually thought of getting a pic but realised i didnt bring the camera.

Will do next time.

It could be very informative exercise especially for novice fishfinder users like myself.

On that day when i knew there was kings and jews down there i got some nice readings but they were small compared to the monster.


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Heres a pics of a Wreck.......with bait and kings on it

You can see the wreck clearly as the red on the bottom rising....The balls above it are bait and the various arches around it are the bigger predotors


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