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First Boat Buyer


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Hey all,

I just wanted some advice about buying a boat. I'm a first boat buyer and am wanting a boat to fish the estuaries(harbour, hawkesbury, botany) and also the heads. I have been looking at the stacer 420 seahawk's and seaway's and they look pretty appealing to me however I don't know too much about them. Does any one have any feedback on these boats? Or any suggestions for any other boats im looking to spend hopefully no more than 10k. I'm looking for something around the 4 meter mark and forward controls. Also is there anything I should look out for when purchasing the boat. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank guys.

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Finaddict i own a 470 pro tournement elite stacer now for 3 yrs and recon stacer boats are great.

Only one thing ive found that isnt so good is if you want to change your rating plate to a higher motor you now need to do it within 2 yrs of puchase besides that i recon you wont go wrong. :1fishing1:

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