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Frustrating Sliding Snell Knot


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gday all , livo sent me a pretty good sliding snell demo but i still cant get it , please if anyone has any other diagrams of this knot please help me out , it is so FRUSTRATING. cheers everyone .cam

Hi cam are you wrapping with the tag end and not the main end of the lighter line ?

This could well be the reason why the snell knot on the lighter line is coming undone.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Hey Kingfishercam

Start off with some thick braid and a BIG hook.

Learn to get the grip on the hook and the tension on the line right.

Once you can work with the braid move to mono.

I add a bit of olive oil or tuna oil to help the line slip and pull up easier.

It is very hard to explain in words and even pictures or animatics.

The best is to sit with someone who can tie knots well and lean by watching and doing!

Hope this helps a bit



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