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Fishraider Junior Records?


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Hi all,

Just thought I'd ask what everyone thinks about creating a Junior Records category for Fishraider. I'd love to see Cam (Stumpette #3) get some extra recognition on the site for his great first kingy at the social.

More generally, everyone's got a pretty good idea already how I feel about encouraging kids to fish. A great, healthy past time that creates life time memories for kids. The Kingy social showed just what a great community Fishraider is, welcomed my own little fishing buddy warmly, and I think is a great 'place' to help eoncourage kids to fish.

I'd like to suggest Junior records as another way to add to that encouragement. Fishraiders importantly love to acknowledge and share successes but equally importantly, don't take them too seriously.

What does everyone think?

Cheers, Slinky

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I think it is a great idea. :thumbup:

I guess it would just have to be worked out how they enter them,I know some fishraider members(including me)have small kids who we take fishing.Would they have to register as fishraider members(even if they cant use the computer)or could fishraider members nominate for their kids.

Maybe something could be added to members details,where you could add your junior raiders.

It is definatly a good idea,and maybe it would encourage my tribe and others to go fishing more.



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Yes yes this is coming very soon - we are trying to think of a name for the section :)

It will be more of a brag section than a record section - ALL kids fish will go in there as all are achievements!!

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

I've got it!!

"Juvenile Haul"

"Juvie Haul"] for short!


Juvenile Haul Of Fame"

Might work



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I'd be careful Stumpy , Cams next post would have the words " Juvenile Haul " and " Day Release " in the same sentence!! :074::074::074:

Might convey the wrong message to some folk ! ( but not to people who know Stumpy!)


Soon to be Ex Chef de Cuisine on Day Release !

I am sooooo dead !!

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