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Sydney Harbour Bream And Catfish

ilk fish

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greetings guys

went to double bay after my late afternoon shift.

started to fish on the warf at 2200 hrs.

simply threw in a large peeled prawn on a two hook rig ( 1/0 black magic hooks) on 6lb line (unweighted)

got 8 legal sized bream. ps it does take quite a few hours, and the bream bite extremely softly.

I also caught a few catfish about 2 to 3 kilos each. are they any good to eat, and do you have

to cut off the spines, etc etc. ???? ????

regards ilk

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I know it's an old, often repeated recipe... but it works for catfish.

Put the catfish and 2 housebricks in a large pot of water and heat over a high flame. When the bricks are soft.... throw away the catfish and eat the bricks.

Cheers, Slinky


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