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Lake Burrendong


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Thought I'd throw this in.

LOCATION:Lake Burrendong - Main Ramp (East of Wellington NSW)

CONDITION OF RAMP/ACCESS: Ramp is pretty good, single lane and Looooooong!

PARKING/FACILITIES: Well, as you can see parking is basic but there's loads of room.

The area is a State Park & has cabins, caravan sites & tent sites. A full compliment of ablution facilities is also at the Main park which is only a stones throw from the boat ramp. The place gets heavily booked during the normal holiday periods so book early if ya fancy some freshie stuff or some water sports & camping.

This pic was taken when the water level was at just over 2%. (Dam at start of March was 22%)There was still about a metre of ramp in the water! Its rocky in places and the wind can come in hard from the NE sometimes. Generally people are helpful but I have seen some idiots too. Most fishos are cool.

Lake Burrendong Main Recreation Park has a $6.50 entry fee for day use.

There are cleaning facilities at the top of the ramp (About 1/2 kilometre in this pic :1prop: ) I noticed last weekend the table was out of order & looks to be under repair. There are loads of places to put your boat in around the lake without ramps. You need to be careful if they have recently released water as the edges of the lake are pure clay mud in places & I've seen / helped a few get unbogged. If the water level hasn't been dropped from a recent dam release the edges are generally pretty firm all round the lake.


I will ad another few pics of this next time I'm out there (Hopfuly next weekend or Easter) There is also another park of Burrendong that has a decent Ramp but this is the best of the two. The other area is Mookerawa (Pronounced Muckawar) which is a seperate Caravan Park & recreation area. Entry fee is the same as the main park.

Final note, don't be fooled by the low water, the two rivers feeding Lake Burrendong (Macquarie and Cudgegong) are usually at least 20 feet deep in the main river channels & Lake Burrendong at it's full capacity is 4 1/2 times the volume of Sydney Harbor. There is plenty of water to explore. Fish are Yellow Belly (Golden Perch), Silver Perch, Murray Cod, Redfin, Catfish, Trout (I don't think there has been too many trout in recent years) Yabbies and of course Carp.

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