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Mixed Bag


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hey raiders just a quick report

watsons 4.30 am 10 yakkas out to around the gap someware,berly up and start fishing for snapper.heaps off pinkys and trevs then smack were on to a king[about7.00 am] dam rats but good fun on 6lb fire wire after 2 550mm rats,the little shimano sahara starts to screem i set the hook and hand the rod to neil[yet to get a big kingy]sit back and watch the fun about 10 min later netted 750 bonito that was a surprise 6lb no leader 2 o bream hook.then neil pulls the biggest squid,bigger than the boni.all in all a great day with a mixed bag and plenty off bait for ron[i can feel a mid week bream seasion coming on ]

regards brickman




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