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What Is This Bird


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Given the way it moves, shape, size and colour I would say a wattlebird. Wattlebirds have a similar distinctive hop. The red wattles are not always distinctive. They tend to have a yellow tinted breast, though this varies also.

Looked like it was feeding on the vine/fruit ?

Look at http://www.birdsinbackyards.net/finder/display.cfm?id=8

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my guess is east coast aussie native common Koel- eudynamis scolopacea-- A long tailed cookoo, Black for male barred for female

Youl know if it is one as they have the raspiest (is that a word) koo wee style bark - call. ptetty big bird at 40 plus cm beak to tail - get your measuring mat out = ha ha

or Possibly long tailed Koel.

It isn't a butcherbird as we have 3 chicks and 2 adults in our garden at the minute and could be a wattle bird but beak and head shape doesn't look right.

reminder to self -clean greasy fingerprints off screen and ban kids!!!

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