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80-90kg Striped Marlin North Of The Bait Station

wise one

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Went out for a day's lure trolling onboard a mates 34 foot blackwatch out of Broken Bay.

Tried for a few livies around Barrenjoey but only managed 2 yellowtail a sweep and some sundry rock dwellers!

Out to Broken Bay wide for a quick bottom bash but the leatherjackets were thick and demolished our rigs PDQ!

So over to the FAD where we managed a couple of small dollies on the yellowtail then a more decent one (maybe 80cm) on the live sweep :tease: Maybe I'll start a trend - forget about yacka's and slimies use sweep and mado!

No more live bait so off we shot to The Bait Station. Water was fairly average at 21-22.5 degrees although it was blue. No birds or bait noted. Anyway out when the lures and we all sat back and waited for a strike.

Couple of hours later the rigger lure was hit and took maybe 50m of line, as we were clearing the other lures the line went slack :( I assume the fish had hold of the lure but was not hooked and simply dropped it when it felt the tension.

Re-set the lures and probably had 1/2 hour or so to wait for the next strike. This time it was on the shotgun and the "crew" both saw the stripie following the lure for a few seconds before grabbing it in a side swipe and taking off. This time it was well hooked and set about turning the ocean surface to foam with a string of jumps before sounding and slugging it out deep for 20 minutes or so.

Eventually we managed to get the marlin to the side of the boat for a few photos, a swim and release.

Nice marlin on fairly light tackle (15kg).

As we reset the lures the shotgun was again slammed but immediately went slack - we free spooled and worked the lure but the culprit didn't come back for another go.

Oh well 3:2:1 aint bad on lures and we certainly had a great day out with nice sunny weather and pretty calm seas.



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Good work wise one.Nice marlin on 15kg.We went out of port hacking yesterday for no beakies, did land 3 dollies at the fad, largest was a monster bull ~25kg. Rabs reeled him in and I am sure a pic and report will follow soon from Rabs. Temp was 22.0 at FAD and up to 23.1 about 45km off Wollongong

Regards Kit

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