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Botany Bay 24th March 08


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Morning fellow fish'os just wanted to report a great day on Batany Bay.

All started watching the weather (ain't it been shit lately :1badmood: ). Ask my mum if she wanted to go on the bay on her last day of holidays and her answer of yes was fast then a nipper going down the gob of a bream.

Hit the Cooke River ramp at 9ish (a bit late) and it was pissing down. Thought that this was a mistake but mum needed the break. We also noticed that most had already hit the water, with only 1 spot left which i quickly grabbed.

Heading out into the bay in the driving rain you couldn't see the other side, water was smooth but it was dark. Turned on the nav lights (paid the price later :mad3: ). Got out just past the 1st runway to find an armada of boats, drifting, anchored, underway, it was a mess but obviously they all wanted to be there which is where i wanted to be also. So we joined the end of the queue and drifted towards Brighton-Le-Sands.

We managed the following fish in about 4 hours with some throw backs, including lots of small Tailor and some Whiting.



We also managed to kill the battery twice in that time as I left the Nav lights on. Normally this would not be a problem but the battery wasn't charged since its installation. Luckily I always take my trusty portable jump starter which did the job and did it well. This was a relatively new battery but I don't think it was fully charged. I have since check with a hydrometer and found 2 cells heavily discharged, recharging now and will check again as the cells could be damaged beyond repair.


4 x Dusky Flathead (Smallest 36cm, Largest 44cm)

1 x Snapper 33cm


Botany Bay (Drifting)


09:00-13:00 (2 hours either side of high tide)


NW-ENE winds 7-15 Knots, Water Slight to Moderate


Shimano Stradic 2500, Ugly Stick, 4lb Firewire with 15lb Leader, Hook 1/0, small ball sinker running to the hook. (Flatheads)

Shimano Boat 8-10Kg, TR 200-G, 20lb with 40lb Leader, ganged hook. (Flathead)

Shimano ET Light action, Shakespeare Clearwater, 4lb with 15lb leader, 2 hook, ball sinker running to hook. (Snapper)


Peeled prawn, Freshly caught squid (most caught on prawn)

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