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Honestly hoody at the moment I would steer clear of the harbour due to all the crap being stirred up by the dredging for the new coal loader, stockton beach behind the hospital has had some good gutters producing tailor, lizards and a jewy might be on the cards as well with beach worms. otherwise most beaches might be worth a flick or you can head down to swansea channel or one of the beaches near there.


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i caught one on the stockton brakewall last weekend

didnt know about the harbour and all the crap being stired up

but if you wanted to give it a go theres a little warf around next to a boat ramp that i usually try and get legal sized flattys bream and whiting.

good luck


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If you head up stockton beach, about 100-150m before the sygna (wreck) there is a gutter that has never let me down on producing good lizards, i know of people who fish this area with plastics from the sand and get substansial results, try and get up there at low tide if you can to determine where the gutters lie, havent been up there in a while so im sure the beach gutters/formations may have changed, good luck, lets hope this "predicted" good weather hangs around.


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