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Stejcraft Half Cabin Restoration


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Hey Fishraiders,

Its been a while since I've been on, have been putting on the finishing touches to the boat. Its finally finished after about 20 months of hard yakka. I've posted a few pics so tell us what u think.

post-2427-1208509593_thumb.jpg Bought it in July 2006.

post-2427-1208509734_thumb.jpg I replaced 2 pieces of plywood inthe transom. This took forever to get it looking right.

post-2427-1208509929_thumb.jpg Pulled the motor off and resprayed the whole thing.

post-2427-1208510123_thumb.jpg Time for undercoating. Geeez it was heavy....

post-2427-1208510219_thumb.jpg Motor mounted and ready for testing.


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More pics....


Got the windows in. I had to cut the windscreen down to get it to fit. Bought it off Ebay for $80. Had to modify the front windows because one frame was missing. So I put in 10mm tinted perspex. Workeda treat.


Inside the boat I put new seats in, rewired everything, new switch panel and added an AM/FM stereo.


Finally on the water at Nelson Bay in April 2008. It went really well. The motor is a 60HP Mariner and did not disappoint. Rides on the plain really well.

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Top Job !

Gotta be happy with the outcome!

I need to know your methodology in painting the fibreglass - I want to do something similar.

It was basically just a lot of really hard work in rubbing it back trying to get most of the old paintwork off. My father-in-law and I sprayed on the undercoat on with our compressor, but I got a mate of mine to spray the top coat on in a spray booth and oven. I've posted a couple more pics below.


Spraying the undercoat on took a whole weekend.


The finished product out of the booth was awesome. A real glassy finish.

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What did it end up costing to get it resprayed?I am thinking of giving mine a similar facelift.


Basically my mate only charged me for the paint, and a couple hours labour. $400 at mates rates. Gotta be happy with that. :biggrin2:

All up after we bought it for $2000, we probably have spent another $3000 in completing the restoration.


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