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Thanks Huey!


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A Big public thanks to Craig & the crew at Huett Marine.

I eventually came to the decision to upgrade from my old 85hp Suzuki to a newer Johnson 90 that Craig listed under the "a word from our sponsors" section.

After badgering him with many many questions - all patiently answered, I convinced Craig that my boat was the right place for his engine !

Craig promised that he could have it fitted by next Wednesday (I was a little disapointed that it would take that long - as happens when you buy a new toy - I wanted to play with it then & there ! However, I am not unrealistic & know that all good things take time .......)

Having quietly accepted that Wednesday next week was realistic, I was ecstatic to recieve a call this afternoon to come & pick up the boat.

Not only did they over deliver in terms of timing but Craig also arranged some photo's of the old motor for me, to list it for sale.

And they also installed a speedo included in the installation (not originally part of the deal)

Nothing quiet like over delivering !!

Many thanks Huey, tomorrow I'll be terrorising Berrowra waters

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