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Turning Japanese I Think I'm Turning Japanese.......

Bream Mad

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Hi Raiders,

Have been getting right into ebay to source some hard to get (in aust) high quality Japanese lures. this ebay thing is getting adictive! one look at a fancy lure and i have to have it :biggrin2:

Good news is most can be delivered for less than $20 and the Japanese provide EXCELLENT service.

Here are a few of my latest


my new Daiwa Luvias 2004 only 185 grams spooled up and silky smooth :thumbup:


Lucky Craft Bevy Vib 40


Lucky Craft Bevy Crank 45SR


Bevy Prop 55


Sammy 65


Bevy Pencil 60

More coming HE,HE :074:

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hey mate

What do you search into ebay.


usually i go to ebay stores and just type in the name of the lure i am looking for

although different markets have different lures and names for lures so sometimes it is best to just put in a brand like lucky craft, bassday ect. and look from there.

also don't be frightened to buy second hand lures as most are in as new condition



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