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Sienna Reels


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hey lasty,mate you only get what you pay for

we used cheap reels for a while they all craped out within 15 months

now its shimano as they have a 5year warranty

how much you spend is up to you

from $80.00 to $800.00for a bream reel

we go mid range say $120.00 to$250.00 for the reel

they all catch fish gary

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i reckon the sienna reels are very good value for money ,my son has them on his rods and Ive used them my self obviously they wont be as smooth or last as long as 500 dollar plus reel,but for 60 bucks there great

cheers arman

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Sienna is a great reel if you're on a budget. I bought a 2500 a couple of years ago as I was a bit tight on the cash at the time - it's still going strong today and it's also caught it's fair share of fish.

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i use a sienna 2500 for squiding...apart from a little corrosion on the drag knob...it looks fine on the out side, mind you i wash it after every use.... all up id say go for it... the 4000 size has around 6 kilos of drag pressure, the 1000 and the 2500 have about 3 kilos...

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I purchased one about 8 months ago in a combo with a 7ft catana rod as i was also on a budget.

So far it has been a good reel/combo,with no signs of rust or any other problems.I also wash it properly after each use(as i do with all my rods/reels).

For the money i think they are very good(I paid $99,for the combo on special).



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Great value for the money and a notch up better than the slade model. My misses has

the 2500 sienna for 3 years and no problems touch wood and though i ocassionally use higher

end reels myself and and i still manage to sneek the :wife: sienna here and there :1naughty:

it also boils down to your choice too buddy all the best to what ever reel you end up buying

and me personally i prefer to spoil myself to a fine quality rod to a reel any day of the week :D


Rizzo :biggrin2:

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