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Beakies Off Forster


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Saturday the conditions were looking pretty good and with the sea surface temp chart showing 23 degrees near the shelf, two of the boats in the Great Lakes Game Fishing Club, Achilles and RivengeII went out for a Dry? run for next weekends inaugural Blue Marlin Classic.

At around 11 .45 the slight chop was smoothing and the skipper stated that we would get a strike around 12 or quarter past when the tide changes, Kenny stated yeah probably 12 to 1. We were in sight of RivengeII and our skipper said "there on". About 150m away we could see they hooked up as a decent blue started jumping. Unfortunately though the hooks pulled after only a few minutes .

I climbed up to the flybridge and after a few minutes and comments on how visible fish would be from there as opposed to on deck, I shouted “Beaky”. It was 12.08, the predictions were right. A bright Blue fish with its head almost out of the water was chasing the long rigger. At the same time Ken shouted Strike, i didn't know at the time but he looking at another rod that got a hit, but didn't hook-up. Just then the long rigger screamed off and a i scrambled to clear the lines. I had one left to get in, the short corner, with cries from Ozzie the skipper to Get it in, NO leave it! A blue all lit up in stunning colour was cruising near the lure, i fed it back but he didn't take it. Get it in, NO LEAVE IT. The fish was back but as we had slowed and the lure had no action he wasn't that interested and the call was finally get it in. If we did hook up we it would have been chaos with only one harness and only three on board.

By now Kens fish had stripped 200m from the 24kg outfit and he was working hard. After 30mins we saw colour and the Start of the double was at the water surface. The fish obviously didn't like us as he took off again and we wouldn't see the double again for 45mins. With helpful comments from Ozzie like "No Muppet Arms Kenny" and a lot of give and take, Ken managed to get the fish within 30m. That fish tried everything in the book; jumps, head shakes on the top of the water, dives then last resort tried hidng under the boat but Kenny and Ozzie were one step in front of him. We finally got along side the boat and got the tag in. 1 hour and 35 minutes after the action started.

We then had a rough measure for the weight and, for a fish around 90 -100kg (aprox 2.2/2.25m short beak/ inside tail) it wasn't even close to the club record. Unfortunately we have only got one crappy photo of its head along side the boat after we got the hooks out as Ken was using my phone and deleted the first photos we took (Damm technology). I will post this on Monday when i can download it. After only another 45mins more of trolling we packed and headed in. I will hopefully get my chance for a Blue in next weeks comp. We swam the fish for a while and when he recovered released him for us to chase next weekend.

Although it wasn't the big 200kg+ Blue that charged the Achilles a few weeks ago, then stripped 600-700m of line before the bust-off, we did get to fly the flag into port and overall it wasn’t a bad dry/wet run.

In port we caught up with the boys from RivengeII, they ended up with 3 rises (2 Blues and a striped). So 5 rises for only two boats is not bad, especially this late in the season. This warm water should be hanging about so it is looking like there could be some pretty hot action for next weekend.

I hope to see a few Fishraiders here, if the weather stays like this, the trailer boats could be a good show in the comp.

Cheers Brett

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heres that one photo, (i hope never attached photos before).

post-6434-1210641316_thumb.jpg2nd try attaching photo, Thought i might read the instructions

Good Luck with your tournament.

I have many fond memories fishing with the Forster lads. John Gowing. Steve, Darrell and the late Greg Ridgeway, always great fun fishing with these fellows.Over the past 20 years we have caught many marlin , tuna and mahis together on Broadbill. Have a great tournament I am sure you will catch plenty


Ross Hunter

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Looks like a stripe. Either way its good to here a few fish are still being caught.

Nice one.

I thought so at first, the pect fin was curved, not leaf shape though and the drosal while large not dis proportionate like Stripey. I am by no means an expert though.

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Yeah nice fish for you fellas. I was on Rivenge II with Glenn, Gail and the boys Jesse, Jeremiah and Deano. Great piece of water there just in off the Shelf, no clusters of birds but they were diving hear and there. That fish we dropped just before you guys hooked in was set to be a very nice Blue.

Raised two others, one we didn't even glimpse and one that was tempted into the skirt. We fed out a bridled slimy to third fish which was smaller but no hook up on that either.

I think between the two boats on Saturday, it was 5 fish raised, 1 tagged. So with similar weather predicted, the competition will be game on this weekend.

Good luck,

The Other Deano

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Hi Brett

Terrific to hear the beakies were so active - just hope they do it again over the next couple of weeks ..... that'd be great news for the Inaugural Blue Marlin Classic!

Good luck!!


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