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Best Golden Perch Lures

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Hi there matey where's echua? And what is the kind fishing will you be doing shore base or boat?

You can use spinnerbaits and bibless lures on them they do like those types of lures. :biggrin2:

:1welcomeani: to Fishraider mate :thumbup:


Rizzo :D

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G'Day mate

Born and raised near Echuca, so I'll see if I can give you a hand.


Medium sized StumpJumpers in white/black or purple/black, and bibless cranks (TN60) in gold or natural/carp colors.

There are a lot a big gums that have fallen into the drink. Walk out on them and run your lures along the length of the tree. Last time I was home I caught a nice yella fishing like this with an SX40!


Small yabbies, worms and (especially) shrimp will catch yellas. Shrimp 'bobbed' amongst timber work very well, but it is a real nerve-racking way of fishing.

Spinner baits

3/8 to 1/2 ounce weight as a minimum. I like gold blades (colorado) on purple or black/red skirts. Cod will take these too!

Best time to fish would probably be 6-10am and 2 -6pm, but see how you go. Hope this helps you out. Best of luck!


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I grew up in the area, well about 100km upstream.

Hodgey is on the money... no burly in the river the current is too swift. I prefer a Predatek HB lure around 70mm yellow with black stripes or spots, attached with a loop knot. Around timber and also dropoffs around clay banks; the fish will be facing upstream, as this is where their lunch comes from. Bait, large Yabbie tails or smaller whole yabbie (live). Although the Gun bait would have to be Shrimp. Velvet or Sunlight soap can be usd as bait in your shrimp traps (local fresh shrimp is the way to go).



I have found that the Cod prefer the darker purple and black lures both HB and Spinner bait; whereas, the Yellas seem to hit the Yello and black patterns.

Good Luck

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Hey fellas

I would have to agree the Lake Police "Jackel" is a top lure but at $30 bucks a pop a little too expensive for me to throw around the timber in current that Ol' Man Murray has to offer. Big Bibbed lures swim bib down with the trebles high and behind the body of the lure. When snagged these tend to catch on the bib, back off with the pressure and it floats free. This also makes Spinner baits prefect for the job with an upturned hook that is protected by the blades, no snagges.


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