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Rod To Suit Daiwa Saltist 30th


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Hey Raiders,

I have recently purchased a Daiwa Saltist 30TH and wanted to hear your recommendations in regards to a rod to suit.

I will be using it mostly for live baiting/bait fishing for kings + jews.

I am thinking of either a shimano t curve blue water series 7' 10-15kg or a wilson live fibre texalium same specs. I currently own a texalium but in a spin model but havent ever tried a t-curve yet.

Any info or other recommendations would be great. =]~



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Hi mate

I have a silstar crystal blue power tip 1.8 meter medium action 15kg jigging rod that seats my saltist 30t....had 2 use the rod a few times to get a good opinion on it. But i am happy with it i use it for trolling, jigging, bottom bashing, casting lure...does just about everything...only cost me around $160.

cheers james

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depending on what your needs are but any top end jigging rod is good these days.

If you like nice light but powerfull rods have a look at the Smith AMJ and or the Saltiga 60b.

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