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Squid Spots On Goldcoast...


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I'm not too sure where abouts the squid lay in the broad water as i practically never fish in there any more.

But a year or so ago, the seaworld nara resort boat ramp, just behind the southwall of the seaway, the small inlet bay.

My mates netted around 60 squid in the weeds.


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Might grab myself a set of flppers, goggles and a snorkel and have a bit of a snorkel around the south wall of the seaway....at low tide theres HEAPS of huge boulders exposed that are normally covered at high tide...i would imagine you would get squid there....will let you know how i go.

cheers james

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Anyone know of any??

I cant find any terrain that would hold them...only place i can find would be the walls on either side of the seaway?

cheers james

As this is my first post i should say Hello to all the Raiders.

James 1990, i live on the Goldy and on a couple of occasions have seen Squid off the Gold Coast Highway bridge going over the Tallebudgera creek between Burleigh and Palm Beach. if you use google maps place this in the search "Awoonga Ave

Burleigh Heads" to see the bridge and creek. you can park here and walk accross.

This was on the off the actual bridge on the western side at night, there are light on th bridge and the squid were just in the light and the shadow. i have seen them there a few times (but then again i havent been over that way in 6 months.)

They werent taking my Jigs and i didnt have a throw net at the time.i think they would have ranged between 15 to 30 cm but is kinda hard to judge under the conditions.

Also have pulled Flatheads,whiting and bream out of there.

Hope that helps

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