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Winney Bay Rocks


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Well after all the bait in the water this morning no action i decided to head back down at midday. The target was kings on bream gear. Started talking to some guy who was fishing for blackfish and he said the salmon are that thick at times that hes jagging them on luderick gear. So i walked to where he had been fishing and the amount of salmon was unbelevible. I managed three nice salmon in three casts in a spot i would of normally walked past. Anyway got another nice salmon and decided kings was the target so i decided to head round the front. Soon as i got to the spot was greeted to a strong wind blowing straight in making it pretty hard to cast plastics. Anyway under my target ledge i could see 3 or four little kings just swimming around eating the tiny baitfish. Soon as i got my cast to land in there the fish bolted. Then they came back but the same hapened. This went on for about forty mins me trying every lure ihad for no luck. Made the decision and back for salmon. I got back and the salmon were a lot thinner as the wind had come up and were also ultra shy. Managed only 1 in about 30 mins so decided home time. An alright day on the rocks :thumbup:

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using 10lb fireline with 15lb sinking flurocarbon and most times they will hit the bass minnow as it sinks but if not let it sink below the school then wind it slowly throught the school with pauses. its basically sight casting land the soft plastic in front of the fish then they usually take. exciting fishing :thumbup:

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