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Beach Session Tonight?


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Hi all,

Anyone going for a beach session tonight around the northern beaches?

If so where?

I'm planning on going a quick 2-3 hour session 7:30-8ish to 10-11ish...

Just experimenting with the Tides and want to try the turn of low/incoming tide at spot X to see

if it varies.. and how..

Anyone have any opinions on how this might work out?

I've only tried last couple of hours of incoming, before the top of the tide with reasonable success...



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Gday mate,

where and when are you going.

i live in dee why and was only thinking last night I should get into beach fishing seeing the beach is so close to me but i normally boat fish.

send me a PM if you want.

Long reef is the plan provided the electrical storms hold off (up near the lifeguard tower.. )

i think we should be clear.. Hoping to be up and running by 8pm..

All things going to plan.. should be leaving lane cove at about 7-> quarter past ish...

Same, i've only just started taking up the beaches for these adhoc quick sessions when there's no time to take the boat out..

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Gave it ago last night for zip!

8pm till about 10:15...

A few pickers about that were eating a tentacle at a time, but no sizable fish wanting to rip mr squiddies head of in one hit..

the verdict.. turn of the bottom ... :thumbdown: don't do it to yourself!

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