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Help! Advice Needed


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I have been thinking of getting another boat and have always liked the Aussie Whaler. However I have never been for a run on one.

Just a day or so ago I have come across one, which I think is a good buy $ wise. It has a Mariner 2 stroke 130hp with only 40 hours up and the boat is 4 years old. (Motor has just been serviced so I am told.) The boat is 5.5m Sports Cab version

Because of the hull design (a version of a tri hull) I am not sure how well it will ride.

I want to venture outside a little more often and take up trolling again for game fish as well as family days and fishing the Hawkesbury. Have seen them in a showroom and boat show about three years back and always admired the finish, space/room and thought it to be a big 5.5.

I know a 2 stroke is not ideal for trolling but am interested on your comments on a Mariner. I have only known Merc.

I hope to se the boat this week, as I have to drive about 2.5 hours to see it and take it for a run. Then make a decision.

Any information, advice, opinions, hears say will be greatly valued.



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They're a brilliant boat mate. We didn't get out in one, but dad did put a deposit on the same boat a few years back before the deal fell through. :ranting2: The one we looked at had a Honda on the back. I would be trading the outboard in for a 4 stroke, how I wish we had one. :thumbdown:

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GDAY Martin,

Never been in one either, but I did read a write up on the Aussie Whaler ages ago and they got a great review. Dont know if it was your particular boat but it was a cabin style over 5 meters. They look like a good hull design, I quite like the tri-hull it looks very stable, better than a twin hull maybe.

If your familiar with Merc than Mariner wont give you any surprises. The practically the same motor.

Cheers :thumbup:

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Thank you guys for your views and comments, which all seem positive.

Allen's point of the low gunwale is something I will look at. It is in important for my young ones. From the photos I have resourced they do look low. I know they are generally expensive, but this one appears to be a good buy and below market price. I hope the current owner has not taken licence with his description.

I'm glad Grant feels there is no problem running with a Mariner motor. Bashir thoughts have merit to see if I may get a deal on a trade in for a 4 stroke or one of the new Evenruides Grant spoke in his search for what he feels was best for his new boat.

Stability is important as Joe and djmac noted. Lets a few of us hang off one side and move around. The tri hull is what I think also gives it the bigger boat look and space

Now I just need conformation on ride and a few specification checks like fuel capacity etc. Like a few of us, I’m' getting to old to be pounded when things go lumpy.

I’m off early morning to drive to Hexham to view the boat and go for a run in it.

Will let you know the outcome.

Thank you

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G day Martin,

The dreaded POGOBOAT (the machine of fish nightmares) is a Aussie Whaler 5.5 Centre Console. So Ill give you the drum as I see it

The Pogoboats finish and fittings are great, mine is about 7 years old and I'm running a 125 Mariner 2 stroke. Get about 35 knots flat out, thats a joke though cause she gulps up about 48-50 lts per hr. At a more reasonable 22 to 25 kts I get about 24-28 lts/ hr.(navman fuel flow meter)

The best thing about these boats is their phenomenal Stability. I weigh about 110 and my neighbour weighs 130+ (hes a big boy) and when we stand against one side the boat drops about two to three inches. It doesnt roll at anchor or drift the way a v hull does. Mine has a casting deck/lounge built into the front and I can hop about on that fly fishing and spinning as if I was standing on my driveway. Ive just fitted a lean seat and its great.

I,m 6'2, 188cm and the side coamings come up to low thigh height and seem fine for me. I also fish out of a mates Haines and his sides are higher but I think I need them more in his boat than mine as his has like a short sharp roll on either side before the chines pick up which always seems to catch me out.

I'm stoked with mine and wouldnt swap it for anything.

To be fair I'll throw in the negatives. Only two real gripes, the shape of the hull makes running straight into a sharp chop hard work if the speed and wave shape are right it really hammers as the chop seems to slam into the curves of the cathedral hull. the hull doesnt slice in the way a v does. you can usaually get around this by running at a slight angle to the chop. And your hull with a lot more weight up forward than mine may do a lot better.

Second gripe although not really a gripe more just a comparison against othe r boats of a similar size, they are a heavy boat, all those extra curves add up. thats why it shuld be on a dual axle trailer and you use a bit more gas towing it around.

The post about the 4 stoke is probably good advice, I'm saving all my bottle tops to try and get a Suzuki 140 which would be outstanding.

If you want to have a yarn drop me a PM and Ill give you a call.

Regards Pogo

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Just saw your address Martin,if your still in bayview, the pogoboat lives up on bilgola plateau so if you want to check it out give me a call. I think I might still have the original sales brochure which included the specs for the half cabin floating around somewhere too

I think 150 lt underfloor is the standard tank size.

The greater external dimensions, because like a cat the boat is almost rectangular in plan form do make them seem like a big boat for their length


Mike egan 0421704219

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Pogo, Thank you, I really appericate your view. Its great that you have long term experience with these boats.

I'm no light weight myself.

Your comments on the short chop and solution are good value. The boat I'm looking at has a dual axle so thats a tick. Its not far for me to tow, 5 minute and I am at the ramp. The car will tow 2.3 ton so I should be Ok?

Again thank and I may give you a call one Ive had a look at her.

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I was looking at them a few years ago with the idea of buying one new. Then the company making them hit some problems ( or so I heard) and I went off the idea. I do have some old reviews that I can post you if you like. From memory, the main negatives were to do with the ride in chop. Because of the hull shape, they are inclined to bang around a bit. On the positive side, they do make an incredible stable fishing platform at rest. Are you looking at the one with the cabin or the open version?

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Hi Martin,

Wouldnt mind just posting another view on engines. If you do consider uprgrading, go to a dealer that sell both 4 strokes and new generation 2 strokes. Some places that only sell the 4 strokes and conventional 2 stroke engines tend to forget the new 2 strokes exist and wont compare them, therefore push the 4 stroke.

People who sell both have a more balanced view and can better advise whats right for you.

Just my opinion but on a heavy boat a 4 stroke will be working its ass off at planing speed compared to a 2 stroke. Its common to think its the other way around just cause they are quieter. They use less fuel because there is less power strokes therefore it works harder - thats the theory.

The idea of engines like ETEC (Suzuki, Tohatsu, Yamaha also make new gen 2 stroke) is that you get the responsivenes that 2 stroke gives while being very fuel efficient and quiet.

For normal use my new ETEC will only need the 2 stroke oil filled once per year.

I suppose my point is get some opinions from experts who sell both types. 4 stroke is way ahead of conventional 2 stroke overall but the new ones are worth looking at. Hopefully your current motor is perfect and you wont have to do anything at all. :thumbup:

Sound like the Whaler is a good boat mate from all the posts, good luck with it.

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Thank you Guys for all your help and comments.

Went up to Hexham to see the boat. Advertised as "near new condition, just serviced," 40hrs on the motor. In a telephone discussion was told the boat was 2000 build.

Asking $23,000 or near offer. Normally there around $31,000 in good condition for a 2000 model low hours.

In short

Boat was commissioned 1998 as was the trailer and motor according to there plates. Purchased in Townsville originally. Not a 2000 boat.

The trailer was in excellent condition

The boat was far from "near new" and had numerous scratches, faded two-tone hull. In side the cabin trims were all mouldy, it was damp and salty. The internal fibreglass had many scratches, chips, trims falling off and three screws taken off with an angle grinder to get access in removing a panel.

Said he had installed a fuel filter, however you could not see the fuel filter as he had installed it behind the back transom locker which you would need to remove in total to look at your fuel filter.

27 meg Radio did not work, nor did the nav lights, cockpit lights.

Boat had never been under cover and never had a storm cover or did it look as if it had ever been polished. Hence she needed a good detail once you fixed the chipped gelcoat.

The motor had done more than 40 hours, that’s logical for a boat 6 years old as was the motor. The cowling cover had two good-sized chips; he tells me were caused by sinkers while fishing. The anode showed good signs it was doing its job. The rest of the motor had a few scratches, bangs and bumps.

Now comes time to tilt it down and the classic happens. It would not work, but it was working yesterday. Told me he had a call into Wally the mobile mechanic. Also noticed the prop had a small fracture about 12mm long in one blade.

Asked to look at the service book for the motor, sorry don’t have one.

The fender rubber between hull and deck had gone yellow from age and sun and was all rough while the under side smooth from not being exposed to the sun.

Put my fingers to the underside and to my mouth and tasted salt. Had not washed her down to well from his last trip which was 1 of the three times he’d taken her out in the two years he owned it. Told me he bought it from his friend in Queensland.

The boat had just been converted to NSW registration November last year.

I did not get to take her for a run. The problems are cosmetic due to neglect with a bit of a hard life thrown in.

A good clean up, some gelcoat repairs, new trims all round, respray the hull and she would be like new. Motors condition I can't really comment on mechanically as we could not get it down to kick her over.

I would love to own one and it would make a great family and fishing boat. Stacks of room and you can sleep three in the cabin on the three bunks. Room for a toilet also under a bunk.

Made him a conditional offer on the basis the motor gets operational/ working with a warranty from a marine mechanic. Alternative offer made to buy the boat hull and trailer and he can sell the motor. Told him I will get back with a $ once I check what a new motor will cost. Say 130 to 150 hp

At a guess I thought if you spent $4000 you would have her looking like new and I can then add a new ETEC 2 stroke. A little work and you would have a great boat at a bargin price.

The motor is the real issue, no service records, oil bottle has been disconnected and you must now add the oil direct to the fuel tank. This will be the sticking point.

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G day again Martin,

Sounds like theres a bit of work involved.

I paid 20 for mine just over a year ago. Mine needed a bit of TLC as well, it was also a 98 model but my donk has been great and looked like it had been well maintained. The boat itself had some gelcoat weathering after being parked in the QLD sun without a cover and Im only just getting on to that now as I have just bought a cover for it. (SALTSPRAY MARINE COVERS in Mona Vale made me a beauty).

Another thing to check is weather the boat has Hydraulic steering, Mine had mechanical and it packed it in and I have since fitted Hydraulic (much better).

The story about the oil tank and the general condition as you describe it would make me wary of this one I think. Maybe you should stall this bloke for as long as possible and keep an eye out for another.

I bought mine in QLD and it appeared to me that most second hand trailer boats sell for less in QLD than they do in SYD. (More spare income after the mortage payments means more new boats get sold was one reason offered) and while I was looking i saw some good half cabin AW's for sale in MEL. Airfares to Brisbane and Mel are pretty cheap at the moment.

I got a mate in BNE to do a check over of the boat and then on his reccomendation shot up for a look myself and then cut the deal and drove up a couple of weeks later to pick it up

Regards POGO

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Gday again Martin,

Im a bit sus on the motor too. Second hand donks with no history and current faults dont fill me with confidence. Id leave it off if the deal is right, and if its still cost effective to fit a new one, go that way.

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I think its going to be a no go

The motor I feel just can't be trusted and I do not feel he has been foreword in telling the truth on the condition, age and service history of the motor.

Unless he is prepared to sell the boat separately, I will give it a miss and keep looking around.

I like Pogo's idea of looking at what is for sale in Queensland. Often thought the same that boars seem cheaper in Qld and Vic.

There no rush as my boat is fine and over winter there may be a few that come onto the market.

Thanks again Guys

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