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Attention All Fishraider Tuna Day Anglers


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I have just spoken with Captain Ross Hunter and his two vessels Broadbill and Billfisher have decided in the interests of saftey as a Gale Warining is current that the Tuna weekend will be CANCELLED.

This is unfortunate due to the large numbers of tuna outwide but can't be helped.

Regards Swordfisherman (Site Admin)

Ross Hunter will make an announcement soon in the forums about an alternate weekend if it can be arranged.

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Oh well, I have time to pump some iron, build up some muscle and get ready for the big ones.

Thanks for the update.

My Mum will be happy now I have to attend a family thing. :biggrin2:

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Part one acheived X 10.

Part two acheived (if you call two points a smashing)

Go sharks


Good game, Sharks definately had the ascendancy.

Anti-climatic finish, just when one was looking forward to the Golden Point clash.

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