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Harbor Morning Bash


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post-6655-1214650741_thumb.jpghit the harbor at 6.00am went for a troll at both heads for zip[warmest water was 14.8

droped a pick at middle head on the north side[out off the wind]

heaps off little trevs and pinkys,no liveys to be had

leatherys showed up so i did my duty and baged out

wilst pulling leatherys out from under the boat on the shady side neil starts pulling flattys on salted slimmy fillets after 3 at just over 300mm he pull a pb for him at 550mm did a little tail walk straight in the net

pulled the pin at 12.00

in the esky 25 jackets 2 treves for cat food and 1 good flatty

had a good day and will give longy a go tomorrow

cherrs gary

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hey ray;the salted down bonito and slimmy are the best flatty bait that i have used

we usely fish for flattys at q point north side or middle head north side

the berly we use is frames off the above[for every berly bomb[frozen]tyed to the back off boat

we pick up about 1.5 flathead this is based on about 20 trips

flathead is top on the menu at home gary

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