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Sunday Browns


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Mako 100kg do jumps


We also boated

15 Albacore too 9kg

1 YFT @ 15kg

I scored my first ever fish on Plastics

2 Albaocre on Berkley Gulp 5"Nuclear Chicken

10 miles east of Browns

Fairly rough during the day so please take caution


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Sea was pretty sloppy for some time and it was hard to keep the camera focused.

The trip home was great as the seas & wind both calmed down.

We Trolled home and picked up 3 more Alby's

Boat was 38' so no real worries


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that is some fantastic footage you got there ,should of got that mako drug tested ,certainly put on a good performance,good fish there too,as for the conditions im glad the seas got better in the arvo as at about 2 o,clock wasnt looking like a very comfortable ride home ,but at 6 it was all sweet

cheers arman

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