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I just picked up a Shimano T-Curve 400 jigging rod. I was wondering what Raiders think would make the best jigging reel for it with 50lb braid for use on kingies at places like the Peak or the 12-mile? I already have a trinidad 16N (6:1) and a saltist 50 (4.9:1) and a Trynos 20 (5:1). I have heard stories about the trinidads not being up to the pressures of heavy braid (esp the anti reverse).

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Yes, good point there Bugsy. I use a Trinidad 30 on my exisitng jigging outfit and its not always easy to lay the line evenly while maintaining the frantic jigging action. My TN 16 doesn't get much use at present so thats another reason to try it in the jigging role.

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