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Hey guys,

Ive used a few types of braids and colours before and most Ive bought seem to freigh or weaken with in a few outings and some times when doing nothing at all :1badmood: .

Ive bought braid from that buy and sell website that im not sure Im allowd to mention but rymes with 'hestay' and they have been the worst. :1badmood:

Ive then got the shits and re placed all my braid with fire line, from 6lb-20lb in the smoke on all my rods for inshore and sufix 30lb in the dark colour, so those blasted leather jackets dont eat it, for my bottom bashing and any off shore stuff.

Now my question to you guys is this,

Is this a good choice if braid and colour or is there a better brand and colour that you would swear by.

thoughts on this would be very helpfull

Cheers :beersmile:

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I've only used fireline, ugly braid, and Tufline XP...

Fireline up to 20lb has worked a treat... Hi-Vis Green or FLuoro Pink are my favourites.. can see the line more easily...

Ugly braid and Tufline for 30lb up to 50lb for fishing the beaches and rocks... and no problems with either at the moment... Smoke/dark green colours...

Never had problems with fraying... etc...

:1fishing1: AJ

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Dont know about offshore but I mainly use Tuflin XP (50lb yellow) and FINS PRT (30lb green) mainly for kingy fishing in sydney harbour and both work fine for me.

Most bust offs for me occur due to frayed leaders. and the occasional knot failure when i do slack ass uni to uni knots .... that reminds me, have to practice the alberto knot

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