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Outside Port Hacking Today


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The weather today was too good, so lunchtime put the boat in and headed out.

drifted for 3 hrs between Jibbon Bomie and Marley pt depths of 20 to 40 meters chasing blue spot sand flathead. Might be worth a try in deeper water.

First drop a throwback and a 42cm fish. Thought this is looking good.

2 hours and 25 throwbacks later another 42cm flathead.

Another 1/2 hr couple of seargent bakers and a few more throwbacks called it quits.

Both keepers were caught in 25 meters of water.

Sea conditions were great with a slight current to the south.

Talking to the fisheries voluteer at the ramp he said today was the first day in a month he'd had anything to record. 1 boat today had 12 sand flathead and a couple of jackets (so there were fish somewhere), then another 4 boats had 4 just legal flathead between them.

At least the boat got a run, and I got out there in nice weather for a change.


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