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  1. It was a good trip and I know you fished from 7am till 930 pm some days, and caught 100.’s of fish. We all had a great time thank you to everyone on the trip for your help.
  2. Had 2 hours yesterday did a trip down to the river and found a partially protected spot. After 40 mins converted first down into a 37 cm fish. Over next hour landed two more, lost a couple and missed a couple of downs. Last couple of trips have only produced dozens of baby fish. Pleasd with 3 fish 35 to 37 cm in the windy conditions.
  3. Hi Geoff Nice fish I went and collected a bit of weed on thurs might have a luderick fish during the week. I was up at South West Rocks Anzac week caught some blackfish in mid 30's in the creek, not a lot but they were ocean fish coming in nice light colour (almost white) and really fat. Bruce.
  4. Kobie is going to do the report for today and Ashley may even contribute.
  5. Good catch in the dirty water, just shows you have to try the deeper water sometimes. Nice to know the blue spots are still out in 40 m . Might be a good target on Thursday for lunch on Good Friday.
  6. Yes the water was very murky we headed out gentleman’s hours and you had moved on by 9am.. watsons bonitos trevs a few almost legal kings and some salmon tailor and bream was what we came across. You might have to sleep in a bit till the fish wake up.
  7. The gurnard was unlucky esky was a bit empty and had already thrown one back. I was surprised how well the river is fishing the hacking because it is normally so clear you have to fish early morning or late afternoon. As the water is brown the fish seem to be feeding all day once you find them. I’ve been able to get out a bit more lately and the fish have co operated, also gone back to bread and butter bait fishing.
  8. Yes ended up early on we only had the flatbread for quite a while Handling the boat anchoring etc is easy with a good crew No he didn’t grandpa out fished the crew
  9. Weather has been very poor and it makes other problems even worse. Can you give us an idea if you are going north or south for easter so we all can head the other way and maybe get some good weather.
  10. Excellent result, plenty of eating fish and fish for bait. Looked for a report from you yesterday but you went today. Had other things happening today and thinking of a short trip in the morning will see what the weather is in the morning.
  11. Headed out with two grandsons from grays point ramp this morning, no early start got to the ramp at 8:30 only about a dozen trailors in the car point. Went down towards lilli pilli baths fished in 3 spots all 10-12 m of water. Heaps of small readies worked our way thru them and end up with 5 between 30 & 35 cm. Also got 2 throwback Jews low 50’s. a nice bream a flathead low 60’s and kept a gurnard. Used salted fish strips for bait, pilchards were getting eaten by the small fish. Had a nice day on the water and back at the ramp at 1:30 with a nice feed of fish.
  12. Nice red the best we could get today was only 35. Your persistence paid off. The watsons was a bonus we didn’t see any surface action at all.
  13. Did a short Port Hacking trip this morning looking for a Jew in the dirty water. Caught a Jew but not big enough. Left the ramp at 730 and back at the ramp 1030am just as the wind was picking up. Used lightly weighted salted fish baits and yellow tail fillets. Kept a couple of fish for a meal.
  14. Nice cobra I agree they are a hard fighting fish and many get lost at the gaff. Few years back we struck a school on the north coast 4 fish in a row broke the leader, we were using 80lb jinkai. We finally Landed a 23 kg fish. We were only fishing 15 kg mono outfits.
  15. I knew it wouldn't take you long to have a fish. Last Tuesday the water in the Port was starting to clear up a bit. Good to see you got a feed. I might give it a rest till weds.
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