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Knot In 80lb Mono


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Mark's I have a knot designed just for heavy mono, however the animation is in Flash video (.flv) format so i'm not sure how it will go as an attachment. I'll try an external link. If it doesn't work send me a PM with an email address & I'll forward it.


EDIT: not linking :\

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Hey Mark's,

I use 80LB Jinkai leader, it has a pretty thin diameter and is very supple. I use a 3-4 turn uni knot with out trouble for most connections. I also have a 60LB fluro leader which is thicker than the Jinkai and much harder to knot. Uni knot still works though if you get it tight enough.

Cheers, Dave

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I recently came across this knot from someone I know in the USA called the 'Mid Knot'. It's really good to tie heavy leader with briad with know bluky bits. Knot hold extremely well and is smooth for casting and running through guide. I find it a lot more reliable than a double uni and much more streamlined. It does, hoever, take a little longer to tie. It looks difficult, but is actually easy to do.



I also use a bobbin holder to get the braid nice a tight!

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Does anyone use a little supper glue on the knot, if you pre make the rigs


When tying knots in large diameter mono I finish the knot in two ways.

Firstly, I heat the end of the mono / jinkai with a lighter, then push the end of the lighter against the softened mono to create a "mushroom" effect on the end of the line. This removes the sharp end of the mono and also acts as an "anchor" preventing the knot slipping undone.

Secondly, always put a drop of super glue on the knot to add further security.

This method retains the integrity of the knot 100% of the time.

Hope this helps.

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